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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Why Should I?
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Below is an evergrowing list of questions you may have.
They certainly were on the minds of our current clients when we first ventured together into the web domain. For answers to any other questions, please contact us without hesitation.

Cost Questions ...
  What is this going to cost me?
The bottom line - it's not cheap, but it's not expensive. Consider it similar to a small amount of company literature. I'll stop mincing words.

Developing the site is just one of the costs and can range anywhere from $2,500 (for a basic site) to more than $50,000 (for an in depth corporate site). planetdean sites tend toward the former. This seems like we're eluding the question, but it really depends on what you want to do. It's similar to saying, "I'd like to buy a 'house'" when you haven't outlined requirements for square footage, location, or ammenities.

Now for the other costs:
  • Hosting -- Generally, hosting your site will cost an initial fee of $20-50 and a monthly fee of $20-30. planetdean will manage this hosting for you if your organization opts for the monthly, quarterly, or annual retainer plans (see 'plans' for more details). This will be billed at cost plus time in addition to the monthly, quarterly, or annual plan fee.

  • Meta Data Determination -- Though partnerships, we can provide this service in parallel with the initial design of the site. Consider it part of the cost of developing the site.

  • Browser and Directory Submission -- This is another "it depends", unfortunately, based upon which browsers you'd like it to show up on and their respective charges. This is a bill-through situation and estimates can be given, although they change all the time.

  • Other Costs -- Other costs could include photography services, purchase of stock photos, translation services, etc. depending on your specific need.
  What cost plan best fits my preference?
All initial site design and development is estimated and then billed based on actual hours applied. But once the development is complete, what level of maintenance is needed for your specific situation?

There are really two options, sub-categorized based on length of the retainer period. The first main option is Standard Hourly Billing, a continuation of billing levels from development applied to hours worked to maintain the site, as applicable. This is at full rate levels. The second option is a retainer which earns a discount for prepayment for a monthly, quarterly or yearly period.

If you believe that very little will be changed on your site for some time, standard hourly billing is probably for you. If you are confident that you will have consistent updates in the form of content (e.g. news items), a retainer may be more applicable as a discount will be applied.

For further information, please see our 'plan' page or contact us directly.
Preparation ...
  What should I think about before talking to a web development company?

What are you trying to accomplish? You should begin by determining what you would like to accomplish by having a web site. planetdean can help you with this, but we can't read minds. Having a fairly good idea of your end goal will help get the ball rolling faster. Your goal could be as simple as a way to get in contact with you, as common as "online literature", or as complex as a way to purchase your product.

How will it look? You should also get an idea of what image you'd like to present. This comes in the form of the look and feel of the site. Take some time to browse the web and find a few sites that have the look (i.e. color, layout, navigation, content makeup, etc.) you are hoping for.

What content would you like included? Also, gather content for your site. This includes surface text for each section of your site, photographs, key graphics, links, etc. These can be used in the initial design of the site and give you a better idea of what the end product will look like. Also, it will help to expedite the process.
Why should I ...
  I don't have a site currently. Why should I?

Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn't. Having a site adds legitimacy and credibility to your image. If you provide a service or product, you should have a site. You can bet your competitor does. What a web site will do for you is one or more of the following:

Allow more people to find you. Having a presence on the web allows people who didn't even know about you to find you.

Create an image. How big do you think planetdean really is? That doesn't matter. All my prospects need to know is we look like we know what we're doing. Once they are in the door, we can prove it to them. But we can prove nothing if their first impression is "They don't even have a web site - how legitimate can they be?" and they decide against including us in their options.

Reduce or remove the need for printed literature. How easy would it be to simply point someone to your web site in lieu of spending the money printing literature? And with a web site, they can come back time and time again to an updated and informative web site. You can even have a link to your actual literature, if you desire, so they can download it and print.

Show your accomplishments and value proposition. Let a web site do some of the selling of your offering for you.
  I already have a site. Why should I have planetdean help?

Take a good hard look at your web site. How does yours stack up to your image? Does your site put forth the image you hope it to put forth?

If 'no', planetdean recommends you either (a) shut it down, or (a) have it redesigned to put forth the image you want. If it's not putting forth the right image, it is hurting you, not helping you.

If 'yes', good for you. planetdean can help to maintain that site by reducing your monthly fees for hosting the site and adding periodic updates to the site, if you desire.
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