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Each and every one of planetdean's current and past clients had a single goal ...
putting forth a consistently impressive first and ongoing impression to its current and prospective client base, even on the web.

They knew that every time they met someone and passed them a card with an e-mail address on it, that 'someone' would eventually take that e-mail address, remove everything prior to and including the '@' symbol, add a 'www' and look them up on the web. Everyone does it ... even you, I bet. They wanted their presence on the web to be as impressive as they work so hard to present in person.

What does your web site say about you?

Feel free to use the links to the left to peruse examples from the planetdean portfolio. And feel free to request referrals from any of our current or previous customers. planetdean has never had a displeased customer.

planetdean Services:
  Web Strategy : planetdean provides strategic web expertise to ensure that your reasons for the site are in parallel with your goals and the delivery of your image equals that which you intend.

  Site Design & Development : Translating your goals and objectives into a tangible form is the core competancy of planetdean.

  Graphic & Logo Design : All graphics for your site can be created and/or supplied, unless you have some in mind. And if you have no logo as of yet, leave it to planetdean.

  Site Maintenance : Once the initial development is over, who is there to keep the site fresh and up-to-date with new information? Leave it to planetdean.

  Search Engine & Directory Placement : Submitting your newly developed site to key search engines and directories is absolutely crucial. Without this, the only way someone will find your site is by typing in the exact web address. Our search engine and directory placement services include placement strategy, meta data addition, and submittal.

  Database Enablement : Need more than a static web site? planetdean can web enable a database for what ever purpose. Just ask.

  Site Hosting Management : While you can, technically, purchase hosting services, manage the relationship, and keep up with hosting changes, why bother? planetdean can pass through lower prices to you, while you pay simply for our time. Let us be the one-stop shop for your web site maintenance needs.

  Literature/Collateral Design : In addition to developing your new or updated image for the web, planetdean can extrapolate that image to print in the form of professional and compelling literature. Whether you are in need of folders, collateral, or business cards, planetdean is your one stop shop for image.

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